Cooperstown NY Lawn Maintenance

Our landscapers & tree specialists provide tree removal, excavation, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, snow removal services, & more! Call us today at 607-242-5478!

Nicely Landscaped Lawn

Tree Service / Limb & Tree Removal / Stump Grinding

Does your tree need trimming? Armstrong Enterprise can remove unwanted trees or tree branches. Trees are removed for various reasons; roots may be growing into the structure of your house or pavement, or maybe branches are growing through power lines or into your home. If your tree is severely diseased or dead this can cause further damage to other trees or damage to your property.

Chainsawing Tree

Storm Damage / Clean-Up

Has a tree on your property been damaged by a bad storm? Severe weather can sometimes knock down dead tree branches or completely unearth a tree. It is important to have these branches or trees removed immediately.

Tree Damaged by Storm

Light Excavation

We offer light excavation services for new drainage systems, retaining walls, and more. People make a mess and I make a lawn again.

Excavating Dirt

Landscaping / Lawn Installation

Rejuvenate your lawn and garden with the landscaping services from Armstrong Enterprise! Is your lawn looking a shade of brown, or is your garden bed in need of some color? Our experienced lawn and garden technicians can bring your yard back to life!

Landscaped Lawn with Flowerbeds

Professional Lawn Mowing

Tired of mowing? Struggling to keep up with the fast-growing grass? We also offer professional lawn maintenance services. Our experienced team is available for a one-time, weekly, or monthly lawn mowing service. Let us help take the hassle out of mowing the lawn so you can enjoy your yard again!

Fresh Mowed Lawn

Hedge Trimming

In a lot of instances, shrub and hedge removal is not necessary. We offer trimming services that will instantly transform the look and feel of your yard. We are your home for all in one landscaping services.

Hedge Trimming

Snow Removal & Plowing

Don't let the cold and snow slow you down. We provide overnight snow removal and plowing that will leave your driveway or parking lot clean and functional.

Snowplowing Service


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